Monday, November 17, 2014

yikes! sorry!

I know I have gotten a bit behind on the blog as we were reading the novel. At this point all students should have completed reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Over the next few weeks before final exams students will complete the following:

1. A Character Assignment
2. A Plot Assignment
3. An essay regarding theme in the novel. 

Students will be working largely on their own on these assignments as there will be choice in how they are accomplished. This is liberating for some students and extremely difficult on others. Students will need to use their time wisely to accomplish the goals of the assignments in a timely manner and be prepared for final exams. 

The final exam is a cumulative exam on the target standards of the English 1A course. We have studied Short Stories, Nonfiction, and a Novel over the course of the semester working on the topics of Plot Development, Character Development, and Theme. 

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