Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday GENIUS time!!

We are in the lab today.

Students create their own copy of the Proposal. The proposals are DUE complete next Friday.

Thursday January 22

Poetry Terms DUE

Discussion of terms to organize them into categories.

Computer Lab Friday

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuesday, January 21, 2015

Definitions of terms are due at the beginning of class tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday.

Here is a literary terms handbook just in case you are having a hard time finding a definition or example. 

Before the end of Thursday's class I expect you to have Step Two complete as well. That is categorizing the terms.

All students were assigned two terms they must find examples of, then choose one of those terms to teach to the class. You will teach the class your terms early next week. 

Friday, we are in the computer lab. We will be working toward completing project proposals. Please have an idea of what you want to work on!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Poetry Terms January 20, 2015

Poetry Terms Assignment:

Step One: Define the following 40 poetry terms.
Step Two: Organize them into categories according to their meaning.

Step Three: Find an example of the two assigned terms.
Step Four: Teach 1 of your terms to the class.

  1. voice
  2. tone
  3. diction
  4. syntax
  5. denotation
  6. connotation
  7. alliteration
  8. assonance
  9. onomatopoeia
  10. open form

  • symbol
  • symbolism
  • metaphor
  • personification
  • synecdoche
  • metonymy
  • allegory
  • hyperbole
  • simile
  • free verse

  • closed form
  • sonnet
  • speaker
  • line
  • stanza
  • couplet
  • rhythm
  • meter
  • free verse
  • end rhyme

  • internal rhyme
  • rhyme scheme
  • consonance
  • metaphor
  • hyperbole
  • allusion
  • ballad
  • narrative poem
  • concrete poem
  • ballad

  • Due at the beginning of class on Thursday.
    Wednesday you will be assigned terms for examples. 

    Thursday, January 15, 2015

    Project Examples

    Examples from English 2 Coats 2014

    Proposal Template. You will have to make a copy of this for you. If working as a group, I recommend only having one person make the copy, then share it with the other group members. 

    I am impressed! Jan 15 2015

    What would you learn to do if you could learn anything?

    What would you make if you could make anything?

    What problem would you solve? or how would you help the world?

    What would you study if you could learn anything you wanted?

    Welcome back!!

    Today we watched a video and answered some questions trying to get our thinkers thinking. Here's a recap:


    Exit Ticket:
    Answer two of the following 4 questions.

    • What would you learn how to do, if you could learn anything? (skill)
    • What would you make if you could make anything?
    • How would you help the community/city/state/country/world? (what problem could you try to solve or alleviate?)
    • What would you study? What are you curious about?