Friday, May 8, 2015


We have been watching the Odyssey in class and discussing mythology. My apologies for the blog being behind. They myths we have read are:

1. Demeter and Persephone
2. Echo and Narcissus
3. Pyramus and Thisbe

Watching the Odyssey students are to focus on the events of Odysseus path. How he ended up on this Odyssey, who he encounters, and how all the events come together. 

Today is a genius today. Students sign up for Presentation time slots that will take place during the last week of May. Students who do not choose their time slot will be assigned one. 

Genius Presentations will impact grades by:
1. A great project/presentation that demonstrates learning and personal discovery will improve the students 'gradebook grade' by at least 1/2 a letter.
2. A so-so project/presentation that is compulsory, and weak will leave the 'gradebook grade' where it stands.
3. A weak project with limited work accomplished and little progress will bring 'gradebook grade' down by up to a half a letter grade.
4. No project/presentation will result in a drop in grade from 'gradebook grade' by one full letter.

*I reserve the right to adjust as necessary according to what I observe both in classroom engagement and in work posted on the blog. Excellent work as demonstrated by thoughtful posts and use of media will be more valuable in this process than many posts. 

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