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Romeo and Juliet Questions… Answer 5 in Complete Sentences

In what ways is Capulet’s behavior here a sharp contrast to his behavior with Paris in Act 1, Scene 2?

Describe Capulet’s rage in response to Juliet’s disregard for her marriage to Paris.

What reason does Capulet give to Paris for rushing the wedding? Do you think Capulet is telling Paris the truth?

List the various concerns Juliet has while she prepares to drink Friar Laurence’s elixir.

How does Capulet personify death?

What is the consequence of Friar John failing to deliver Friar Laurence’s letter?

What theme best captures Prince’s condemnation of this series of events?


Homework: Define the following Vocabulary words (63 in total) Due Monday.

Act 1: ancient, bitterly, envious, fray, grudge, posterity, severity, weary, adversary,
artificial, exquisite, fiery, forfeit, intrusion, rebellious, virtuous

Act 2: consent, faithfully, glorious, incorporate, perfection, peril, satisfaction,
variable, adjacent, alliance, boundless, courteous, merrily, predominant, sallow,

Act 3: confines, dishonorable, impatient, mangle, offense, outrage, quarrel, calamity,
disobedient, disposition, predicament, unruly, vile

Act 4: deny, desperate, lamentable, miserable, pitiful, remedy, prosperous

Act 5: contagion, dispose, famine, infectious, loathsome, pestilence, vengeance,
banished, fury, unaccustomed, unsavory

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